Referral Program



For just $19.99 Per Month you can virtually join the Matrix Arms sales team! Earning a commission on every sale you make on Matrix Arms products! Not only will you make a 5% cashback commission on every order placed ($50 check per $1000 spent with your code) using your unique discount code but you will be able to offer a percentage discount to all of your customers you bring on! Which is currently a 10% discount! 

To sign up use the link below, or simply go to Products > Referral Program and add a 3 month subscription to your cart, after the first 3 months it will charge at $19.99 per month) 


That's right! for $19.99 per month you will receive your own unique discount code which will give 10% off of the entire order at checkout! Every time an order is placed with your unique discount code you will receive a check for 5% cashback! (Minimum cash-out $50) This system will give you a unique opportunity to either take all 15% on your own purchases or to push sales offering others a 10% discount code and you will in return receive 5% cash back of that entire order! This program will pay for itself after one complete firearm purchase! For every $1000 in sales using your discount code you will receive a $50 check!


-After your first (3-12 month) purchase has ended you will be charged at a rate of $19.99 per month unless you let us know you are going to purchase another 3-12 month block instead for the extra savings!

-Your monthly charge of $19.99 will be charged via your given form of payment the first week of each month. Please give us a one month notice before the first of the following month when cancelling your subscription

-Discount code works for Matrix Arms products only- Any Matrix Arms product will have "Matrix Arms" in the item description title

-Matrix Arms has the right to change any percentages at any time as well as refuse to give a discount on any product at any time for any reason or cancel any subscription at any time. However we do not anticipate this will happen at any time for any reason. Thank you!